Game logic!

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  1. Just gotta point out that they explain the machine gun pickups in the new Tomb Raider game. They're have been many people that have gotten stuck on the island after exploring and attempting to unlock its secrets. In the case of the machine gun it was a Japanese contingent of soldiers during WW2 that were trying to control the islands mystic ways.

  2. They all wear translators in Mass Effect.

    1. I was just gonna say the same before reading it. While playing with female Sheppard when Thane calls Sheppard Siha she tell him something must be wrong with her translator

  3. One of my personal favorites is the fact that Master Chief and the Halo soldiers have these SUPER advanced over shields that protect them from bullets and lasers but don't cover their heads with it. 1 headshot and you're dead.

  4. Step 1. Door is locked, Step 2. Murder security guards on your side of the door, Step 3. Door unlocks itself from the inside.

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