NASA Confirms Liquid, Flowing Water on Mars

This is what i was afraid of.

Buying milk on the black market.

 You are going to hell for laughing at this.

Number 1 dad.

You see Ivan?

This is at least unsettling.

 What is the purpose of this?

I am afraid that this might be true.



This never gets old.

Ignore the human.

Overflowing with intelligence.


Hotdogs don't bring you happiness.

So true.

But first let me take a selfie.

This is so Russian.

One man's trash.

Grumpy cat.

Nuke the lizards.

Awesome dad.

They all look the same.

Licky bum bum.

Original pick up line.

Epic face.

The truth.
 Oh Russia.

Without a tres.

Thinking out of the box.

That was unexpected.

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